Journey Home Inspections Tip of The Day! 

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As part of a Home Inspection we inspect the condition of the insulation. Here are some tips to make sure that you are taking care of your homes insulation not just in the attic but all over your house. 
Insulate outlets. Add foam insulated padding to electrical outlets to keep drafts from coming through. Since messing around with electricity is extremely dangerous, make sure you know what you’re doing or get a professional to help.
Quick door fix. If you have drafts coming out from under a door and need a temporary fix, stuff a rolled up towel at the bottom to keep some cold air from getting in. Another option that works on some doors is cutting a pool noodle in half and attaching it to the bottom.

Insulate garage doors. By adding insulation to the inside of your garage doors, you not only keep your home temperature more stable, but also reduce noise from outside.

Insulate windows and doors. Use caulk and weatherstripping on the windows and doors to reduce drafts that come in through the sides.

Insulate the attic. A lot of airflow occurs through the attic if it’s not properly insulated.